1.    For how long do I get the car for my formals?

You would get the car for 1 hour so that you would get enough time to take some awesome photographs and of course, do a bit of ‘cruising’ yourself!

2.    Can I view the cars?

Of course you can! We encourage you to drop in at our showroom during working hours and check out our wide range of limousines and other brands cars with various colours. See, touch and feel the majesty of our cars. You can even take pictures of these beauties, we won’t mind!

3.    Why should I get a car from LimoChamps?

– At LimoChamp we take the utmost care of our cars to ensure that it is in pristine condition. Thus, our cars would serve to be the perfect carriages for your fairy tale wedding!

– We have a team of experienced chauffeurs who are smart and ensure that your ride in a LimoChamp car is truly comfortable

–LimoChamp’s wedding limos in your location have ample room so that your beautiful dress does not crushed and you can get in and out of the car like a true princess!

4.    What do you supply with your cars?

LimoChamp would happily supply you with delicious snacks, beverages and white ribbons at your wedding. Normally we would serve these things at the location for the photo shoot.

5.    How much do I need to pay during booking?

You can book an exclusive LimoChamp wedding car by paying just 40% of the total amount as a deposit during booking. You need to pay the rest in 4 weeks before the planned event.

6.    Would I get the same car that I book?

After the booking is confirmed, you would get a booking receipt. The numberplate of the car would be printed on the receipt which would help you to make sure that you get the same car that you booked. We would surely give you a backup car of similar model and appearance in case we are unable to get you the same car due to unforeseen circumstances.

7.    Do the Drivers wear uniform?

Yes they do. After all, they have got to look smart for your wedding, don’t they? All our drivers wear classic black and grey bowling shirts with black pants. During winter, they wear black jackets.

8.    Do you provide with red carpets?

LimoChamp believes that Kings and Queens like you deserve a ‘red-carpet’ treatment! Hence we would give you a red carpet on request.



“Dave and I were getting married and I wanted to hire a wedding car that would surprise him. So I contacted LimoChamp, as I knew that they would have just the car that I wanted! I got a..."

- Diana Patterson

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