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Air Fryer Oreos Weight Watcher Friendly

β€œThis is easily the best frying pan I have ever owned.”
By Richard Blumenthal
March 30, 2021
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How to Make Delicious Baked Cakes and Oreos With Your Air Fryer

air fryer fried oreos

A reddish colored air fryer sits on the counter next to a pile of fried oreos. She smiles as she sticks her air fryer into a pile of them and then asks, "Reddit?" He replies, "Yes." She giggles and then throws the air fryer into the air and starts yanking on the handle with her bare hands.

" Reddit! Where did you get that air fryer?" she asks, pointing to a picture on the front page. He answers, "I got it from a friend."

This is the air fryer story that many of us have probably heard before. It's the same basic joke, but the person telling the story has obviously heard it a million times. The air fryer is one of those things that are hard to explain to someone who doesn't own it. However, it's true, it's the one thing that everyone in America owns - except for the homeless people on the street.

When she brings out her air fryer, she cleans it off and sets it on a table. She then starts to pile the fried oreos on top of her air fryer. " Reddit!" she calls out and starts to scoop some out of each pot on top of her air fryer.

My friend clears his plate and looks over at his bag of mixed vegetables. I nod in agreement, as I notice that my bag of fried oreos was sitting on top of a plate with all of the fried potatoes on it. My friend then asks, "What's your secret?" I laugh, "Reddit!"

My friend's eyes light up and he sits up straight in his seat. "You can air fry anything," he says. " Including fried oreos." I tell him no, I can't, I have to go back first. I get back in my air fryer and fry them in it.

After the fries are done, my friend walks out with a bag of mixed vegetables and a big smile on his face. He throws them in his backpack and makes his way home. While he's walking home, a homeless person passes by and hears his accent and asks what happened. My friend just laughed and tossed the bag of fried potatoes on the ground and walked away.

That night, I gave my friend his air fryer as a house warming gift. It was a funny day, air fryer fried oreos but my air fryer did make an excellent gift. Air Fryers makes great gifts for just about anyone.

For example, a woman recently gave me a used air fryer because she was moving into a smaller place. She couldn't afford a bigger one, so she chose to give it away. Her daughter, who is in college, uses it every single day. She brings it up to use it, takes a bite of one, and promptly throws it away. The air fryer has made her life much easier.

My friend borrowed my air fryer from a friend of his. She told me about his air fryer. When he told me about it, I was surprised that he hadn't given it to me. It wasn't until I went to use it myself that I really saw how good of a fry it actually is. When you fry an onion with oil inside, they come out nice and crispy, but when you do it with garlic, onions, and tomatoes, they come out even more crispy. It's like fried oreos with a difference.

You can add just a bit of oil, let the batter mix with it, and then sprinkle it with salt or any other spices you'd like. Most people do just that and toss it in the air, but some will also add cheese or chili powder to their fried Oreo delight. That's not what we do, but that's what the air fryer is for.

In fact, if you don't want fried oreos, you can still eat your baked goods with the air fryer. If you've been baking cookies or other goodies, you'll be able to make them healthier when you use this. Just remember that the flour and oil mixture doesn't have to be quite as thick. It can be just a little thicker than normal. That will help the batter air fryer fried oreos come out more crispy, which makes it good for fried foods.

The best part of using the air fryer for frying is that you can make these sorts of things every day if you want. You don't have to wait for one meal to complete before frying up another one. You can make plenty of fried Oreo cookies every day with your air fryer, and it won't take up too much time either.