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Meet the Ninja air fryer max XL, a fast and easy way to cook your favorite foods.

By Richard Blumenthal
March 30, 2021
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Ninja Air Fryer Max Review - An Overview

Meet the Ninja Air Fryer Max XL a quick and easy way to easily cook up your favorite snacks. Cook and serve up delicious 3 pounds of French fries with little to not extra oil in a single family-size 5.5-quart tank. MaxCrisp technology brings 450 degrees of super-heated air to heat up food up to 30 percent faster (versus NinjaAF100) for crispy crunchier results with very little extra oil for healthier fried treats. The Ninja Air Fryer Max XLS is built tough and lightweight to withstand all seasons, from refrigerator to oven to outdoor grill, guaranteed to deliver unmatched performance.

ninja air fryer max xl

The new line of the Ninja Air Fryer Max family offers even more value packed in a single model. It's larger than the original and includes a large microwave that can pop in directly over the fryer for instant food service. There is also an indoor/outdoor tray for an even easier, healthier alternative to the traditional fryer. The air flow through the vents and lids allow for food presentation and maximum flavor. The specially designed cast aluminum exterior offers tougher resistance than stainless steel and an overall longer life span.

Like its predecessors the Ninja Air Fryer Max can cook two to four servings at one time. Its larger footprint allows it to be used in the most crowded kitchen areas without concern for too much wasted space. Plus there are numerous accessory options that add to the versatility of this versatile appliance. Extra trays, baskets and dispensers can be purchased to help maximize the use of this versatile and useful appliance. This wide variety of accessories improves its convenience and usefulness beyond its initial intentions. In fact, with so many choices and features it's easy to see why the Ninja Air Fryer Max is the most popular and versatile dryer on the market today.

The inner core of the product is composed of durable and thick cast iron that is covered in an attractive enamel coating. This durable material allows the lid to remain closed better when compared to other types and has an insulating ability that keeps food from becoming cold quickly. Combined with its air flow control that allows for even cooking and gives you the ability to use the lid for extended periods of time, the Ninja Air Fryer Max offers a unique combination of fast and great cooking. With its strong air flow control you can ensure that your food cooks at a faster pace.

This unique cooking device has two separate burners located at the top of the unit. One burner is designed to heat up food quickly and evenly to give you maximum taste and convenience. These burners are very easy to open and close. Once you have finished cooking, you simply close the lid and store it back for easy storage.

When open, this lid has two air vents at the top that allow you to release the steam through a side vent. This event also provides for a release of steam that maintains even cooking and results in delicious meals in half the time. It is easily placed on any countertop or table top. You can even cook and serve as many meals as you like without having to keep changing the lid.

The Ninja Air Fryer Max has a unique heating mechanism that allows you to change the amount of time that the lid is open by adjusting the setting on the front of the lid. It has a timer ring which is easy to turn, just before you need to start cooking. The timer helps you set a precise timing that ensures food is ready when you are ready to eat. The lid comes off very easily and conveniently after ten seconds and has a firm grip handle that makes it easy to operate.

The Ninja Air Fryer Max can cook up to forty-five servings in thirty minutes. That is the average time of the machine. It is quite impressive when you consider that it is able to do that in under two hours. The wait time is only two minutes, and that is just enough time to let your food cool down. It is easy to clean up after using, as it features an interlock tray that is dishwasher safe. It is a compact unit that will fit on a countertop or table top and is extremely affordable.

Ninja Air Fryer at Walmart Vs Other Retailers

ninja air fryer walmart

It's a known fact that Ninja air fryers are the top selling fryers at Walmart. There are a few reasons why this is true. One, they come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs, which allows for tons of combinations when cooking with them. Two, they are very durable and long lasting, which will save you time and money. Three, they use propane instead of electricity to keep your food hot throughout your cooking time.

The downside of the Ninja air fryer at Walmart though, is that it is located in the microwaves section. While it can keep your foods sizzling hot, it does not do them very well. While it is very durable and long lasting, the overall quality of the product leaves something to be desired. On a positive note though, it is extremely easy to clean up after, and has no noticeable damage.

If you are planning on purchasing one of these items at Walmart, you may want to look at the other large retail stores such as Target and K-Mart. They have a smaller selection of products, but they do have some decent ones. However, if you really plan on buying one of these at Walmart, I would definitely take my advice and pick the Ninja air fryer from Walmart. The prices are better, and you will save money on the fried foods. Plus, you will probably be able to find deals at Walmart on the other fried foods as well, allowing you to save even more money.