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This One Secret Step Will Save Tons of Space in Your Refrigerator

You won’t believe you didn’t think of this earlier.
By Richard Blumenthal
March 17, 2021
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How to Save Space in Refrigerators

Save Space in Refrigerator

If you are thinking about downsizing in the kitchen, you may want to consider a new style that is more efficient and space saving. Many families these days are downsizing their homes and one of the easiest ways to do that is to use containers that save space in the fridge. When you are buying food for your family, it is easy to stack them up on the counter or in a large bowl on the kitchen table. If you have many of these containers stacked up then you will be taking up unnecessary counter space. Even if you just throw them in the cupboard when you need to put food in the fridge, they can take up valuable space. There is a simple solution to the storage problem that can make your kitchen much more efficient.

One option that is very popular is the one gallon containers. These are much smaller than the large plastic containers, and because they are smaller, they take up less room. They are great for putting things in that you would normally squeeze into a large container, such as meats. If you use a large refrigerator and you stack many of these containers on top, then you are taking up a lot of space. You can use a large appliance drawer to store these, or even place them on the counter.

If you have a large appliance drawer, or perhaps a counter that is taken up by a large free-standing refrigerator, then this can take up even more space. You can use two of these containers that are small enough to fit in the corner to fill up a big appliance drawer. This will keep your refrigerator from overflowing and keeping important foods from reaching the back. You can also buy containers that are made from clear, rather than frosted glass, so that your foods are not obscured by frost.

A more compact way to store these containers is to stack them on top of each other. This is especially useful if you only use one container at a time. It takes up less room, but it also takes up less space overall. If you do not need to use more than one item at a time, then you may choose to use small containers that take up even less room. This will make it easier for you to organize your items.

Small refrigerators come in all sizes. Most brands now offer a small refrigerator that fits right under the counter or in a small area beside the sink. Many companies now make small refrigerators that have a large section in the back for extra storage. You can get larger ones that sit on the floor or that are larger and more cabinet like. There are many sizes available and the best choice depends on what you are using your refrigerator for.

Consider how much you use your refrigerator before you purchase containers for it. Most designs allow you to use up to a certain amount of storage space. The more you use it, the more you can store and so the bigger your refrigerator's get. Buying small refrigerators is your best option if you have moderate use of this appliance.